ADCOS, A STORY WITH THE DNA OF ITS FOUNDER ADCOS, the Brazilian dermocosmetics industry since its inception, has technology, science and effectiveness in its DNA, parameters pursued by its founder Ada Mota. The company’s history makes it a genuine and unique brand and, together with the history of its founder, reflects what the brand is today, its DNA and its values. Ada Mota is a pharmacist and biochemist, with a master’s degree in dermocosmetics, in Paris. There, she closely followed the emergence of the Dermocosmetic concept, with the requirement that companies scientifically prove the effectiveness of their products. Still in Paris, she participated in a study to improve the cosmetics of ointments used in patients hospitalized for dermatological diseases at the Hospital Saint-Louis, an experience that guided and inspired ADCOS’s concern with the effectiveness associated with the sensory products. Therefore, today, ADCOS offers products developed by a team of pharmacists highly committed to maximum effectiveness and multi-benefits, which deliver the best treatment solutions in dermocosmetics for the specificity of the skin and the Brazilian climate.

All the Products ADCOS

ADCOS Vitamin C Intensive Facial Treatment Kit for Normal to Dry Skin 3X470ml – 15.8 fl. oz

$ 179,90

ADCOS Derma Complex Vitamin C 20 Anti-Aging Concentrate 30ml – 1 fl.oz

$ 169,90

ADCOS Derma Complex Vitamin C 20 Anti-Aging Concentrate 15ml – 0.50 fl.oz

$ 139,90

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