About Anita Anita Cosméticos is a company from São Paulo in Brazil, founded in 2013. The name was chosen in honor of the matriarch of the family. The children are divided in the administration of the company. The company started its activities and is well known for its high quality, durable and varied enamels. Anita gradually launched the makeup line. Today it has a complete line. Anita products are found in the best perfumeries, cosmetics stores and pharmacies, e-commerce and marketplaces in Brazil. Anita is a company that changed the scenario for makeup accessories in Brazil. Founded in 2009, the brand works to break down barriers and show that anything is possible by offering professional beautification products and revolutionizing the way Brazilians apply makeup. Anita is responsible for providing accessories that connect with the world of beauty, meeting the needs and infinite diversity of consumers. A sales success, the products are recognized for their high quality and durability: there are more than 100 colors in creative and attractive collections, so that people feel even more beautiful and well cared for.

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ANITA HARD CORE 382 ENAMEL 10ml | 0,34 oz

Original price was: $ 12,90.Current price is: $ 10,90.

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