Brscience is a hair cosmetics company, our focus is on improving the consumer’s self-esteem and well-being. Our operations started in 2021, but the design and creation of the brand were carried out in mid-2016. After more than 30 years in the cosmetics market, the managers decided to create a brand with a bias focused on special care, as well as -being and cost-benefit for customers in the industry. In our name we carry the fact that we are a Brazilian company that works with high technology products, scientifically proven. The brand is constantly growing and meeting the demands of the market.

All the Products BRSCIENCE

BRSCIENCE BTX Fusion Frizz Recovery Smooth 500ml – 16.90 fl. oz

Original price was: $ 90,00.Current price is: $ 64,90.

BRSCIENCE Progressive Organic Fusion Frizz 1L – 33.8 fl. oz

Original price was: $ 136,90.Current price is: $ 109,90.

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