About CADIVEU Professional CADIVEU Professional is part of the Br Beauty group, it has been present in the cosmetics market since 2006, it is a dynamic and innovative Brazilian brand that operates in several countries, including the USA, Italy, Australia and Saudi Arabia. One of the differentials is to offer consumers hair products with proven quality and effectiveness. For this, CADIVEU Professional is always committed to research and development of the latest technologies, which guarantee high performance in hair treatments, with premium quality. To increasingly improve its lines and offer products for all hair types, the brand partners with renowned laboratories and universities in Brazil and other countries. The objective is to create the ideal treatment solutions, with efficiency superior to the competition and competitive price, through formulations that value the work of professional hairdressers. CADIVEU Professional, in addition to the professional product line, also has a home care line for daily care, which allows consumers to take the quality of products from the beauty salon to use at home! Proving the success of its creations, in 2011 CADIVEU Professional was among the top three in the Greenbest Award (the biggest award for consumption and sustainable practices in Brazil) with the Glamor Restructuring product, the first natural treatment to make hair straight. The innovations don’t stop there. In 2012, the brand was the pioneer in creating the only straightening product with neutral pH, free of aggressive chemical actives, which features the exclusive Cystemax technology, with the Supraliss product.

All the Products CADIVEU

CADIVEU PROFESSIONAL Nutri Glow Nourishing Wax 500 ml – 16.9 fl. oz

Original price was: $ 109,90.Current price is: $ 74,90.

CADIVEU Essentials Vegan Repair Kit By Anitta Trio 2X250ml and 1X200ml – 8.5 and 6.5 fl. oz

Original price was: $ 119,90.Current price is: $ 79,90.

CADIVEU Progressive Brush Plastica dos Fios 3X1L – 33.8 fl. oz

Original price was: $ 249,90.Current price is: $ 89,90.

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