Eudora brings a wide portfolio of cosmetics to serve independent women, who want to be protagonists of their own lives. The brand, owned by Grupo Boticário, develops perfumes, makeup, hair, body, bath products, nail polish and accessories. All this to offer affordable solutions for the daily care of modern women. In addition to ensuring quality in its products and providing the best beauty solutions, Eudora is also a brand that supports female entrepreneurship and the entry of women into the business world.

All the Products EUDORA

EUDORA SIÀGE Cica Therapy Kit Shampoo, Condicionador e Leave-in

Original price was: $ 159,90.Current price is: $ 109,90.

EUDORA SIÀGE Post Chemical Regeneration Shampoo, Mask and Conditioner Kit

Original price was: $ 73,90.Current price is: $ 49,90.

EUDORA SIÀGE Hair Plastia shampoo, mascara and conditioner kit

Original price was: $ 73,90.Current price is: $ 49,90.

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