We are NG de France and we represent a new concept of a hair cosmetics and professional aesthetics brand with a focus on the health and well-being of consumers and professionals. We removed the ends that were no longer part of this new world. No testing on animals. No harm to the environment. No harm to your health. We were born from courage, commitment, and the partnership between chemistry and nature. In the search for wisdom, combined with respect for nature, the talented Brazilian chemist Júnior Diego Becker sought the alchemical essence to create innovative and highly sophisticated products. It was in France that he studied, cultivated and learned from Dr. Naturopathy, Nelly Grosjean, founder of Biossentiel, a company with more than 30 years of tradition in Europe – the largest and most renowned global brand of organic essential oils. When they said it was impossible to reinvent ourselves, we went to France and looked for something new. We brought more than 100% organic essential oils, we brought a new concept. Dr. Nelly’s experience of more than 30 years means that the brand’s products, produced in Provence, in the south of France, are the perfect result of the balance between nature and the body. In honor of Biossentiel’s philosophy and Dr. Nelly’s contributions, NG de France highlights its acronyms “NG” to emphasize the importance of Nelly Grosjean both in the world of aromatherapy and in the creation of the NG de France brand itself. We are more than a cosmetics brand. We are innovation. We are not just selling products. We are proposing a new way of thinking about this market. And you are part of it.

All the Products NG DE FRANCE

NG DE FRANCE Professional Repair Kit Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask

Original price was: $ 159,90.Current price is: $ 119,90.

NG DE FRANCE Fast Liss Certified and Approved Vegan Straightening 1L – 33.8 fl. oz

Original price was: $ 169,90.Current price is: $ 128,90.

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