Since 1977 our products touch people’s hearts. And they feed their life stories, transforming small gestures into great demonstrations of love. We believe that living extraordinary stories is only possible through love. In 1977, with an investment equivalent to only US$3,000, pharmacist Miguel Krigsner set up shop in a small door, on a secondary street in Curitiba, a city in the south of Brazil. He called the small manipulation pharmacy O Boticário, the ideal name to translate the spirit of an alchemist capable of putting love in little pots. It’s just that from the beginning, “Dr Miguel” realized that his true love was cosmetics. The first ones he created were a collagen-based cream, an elastin cream for stretch marks, a shampoo and a seaweed bath. Word of mouth was powerful, and suddenly the pharmacy began to attract more and more people who loved those special formulations. Soon came the first perfume. Sold in an amphora-shaped bottle (which is our biggest symbol today), the fragrance brought an unusual mix of ingredients. Different, it seemed that it left love on the surface of Brazilian women. And it was like this, from the dream of a lover, that the journey of this brand began. A brand in which the history of the people mixes with the history of the products. Or have you never heard a love story that gained strength with a gift from Boticário?

All the Products O BOTICÁRIO

O BOTICÁRIO Egeu Choc Berry Deodorant Colony 90ml – 3 fl. oz

Original price was: $ 150,00.Current price is: $ 69,90.

O BOTICÁRIO Floratta Blue

Original price was: $ 80,90.Current price is: $ 40,90.

O BOTICÁRIO Coffe Woman Seduction Touch Colony Deodorant 100Ml – 3 fl. oz

Original price was: $ 145,00.Current price is: $ 59,90.

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