The company Robson Peluquero was created in July 2016 by the professional Robson Peluquero. The objective was to bring technologies in the area of beauty with high quality products that could facilitate the daily life of the professional hairdresser. Through studies of the science of colors, Robson initially developed a GREEN HINT capable of toning the hair to a pearl tone. The idea worked out super well and was well accepted by professionals. Soon after, he developed another PINK color HINT that tones the hair to a champagne hue and so on successively several other creations emerged that revolutionized the world of hair. Today present in all states of Brazil and in several other countries such as: United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, Italy, Portugal, Chile, Argentina, France, Uruguay, Algeria, Poland, Dubai, Panama, Canada, Honduras, Iran, among others others, thus serving approximately 1 million customers worldwide.


ROBSON PELUQUERO Green Toner Tinting Mask 1L – 33.8 fl. oz

$ 89,90

ROBSON PELUQUERO Black Toner Tinting Mask 1L – 33.8 fl. oz

$ 89,89

ROBSON PELUQUERO Home Care Kit 4 Forces 2X300ml – 10.14 fl. oz

$ 44,90

ROBSON PELUQUERO Home Care Kit Green 300ml – 10.14 fl. oz

$ 44,90

ROBSON PELUQUERO CCRP Kit Profissional Recostruction Capillary 4X1 

$ 129,90

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