Affiliate Program

We’ve created an affiliate program unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Very simple to register and it costs you nothing. For it you get a personal link to sell all products from the Belaways store to your friends and followers with a 5% discount.


It’s completely FREE and easy to join. Just register, wait for approval and get your personalized link. From there, just start spreading the word on your social media, your blog, your website, etc.

The BELAWAYS affiliate program offers the possibility of a partnership in which you can generate extra income by referring our products that end in a paid order. After registering for the BELAWAYS affiliate program, all sales made to customers who have accessed our store through your affiliate link will generate a commission for you. The commission we offer is 8% of the total sale value.

Another advantage is your link, it is valid for up to 12 months, which means if a person accesses the store with it, and returns within 12 months later, your commission is fully guaranteed.

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