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Is excellent for reducing volume and aligning the hair. Special oils nourish and regenerate damaged strands. Indicated to control frizz and increase flexibility. How to use: 1 – Wash your hair with anti-residue shampoo; 2 – Separate them into locks; 3 – With the help of a brush, apply the XBTX Argan and Macadamia oil one centimetre from the root; 4 – Leave to act for 10 to 30 minutes, rinse thoroughly; 5 – Dry 80% of the strands, brush and divide the hair into 4 equal parts; 6 – Plank in thin strands 5 to 10 times; 7 – Finish as you wish. Result: Healthy hair, treated hair fiber, without frizz, with shine and reduced volume.

FELPS OKRA in mass xbtx argan oil 1Kg – 33.8 fl. oz

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FELPS OKRA in mass xbtx argan oil 1Kg – 33.8 fl. oz

 Felps XBTX de OKRA MASSA Cream Smoothing Treatment 1kg 35.3 Oz

 Is an effective and modern treatment as much as Keratin Treatment. Super practical to Reduce Volume and Straightening Hair, handles all fiber structure, keeping the hair aligned, nourished, strong, healthy and frizz-free. With its unique formula based Argan Oil and Macadamia Hair Botox Felps Professional acts in sealing the cuticle and spare mass, recovering all the hair structure. Volume reducing by 80 to 90% giving you that “pin straight” effect you want. Can be used on first time “virgin” hair or seasoned, color and keratin treated hair. It’s that safe, effectiveand will keep your treatment for 3 months on average.

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– 1 Felps Reducing Mask (35.3 oz)

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