Coffee Green Protein Complex Disciplinante Wennoz Brasil acts inside the cortex filling and aligning the molecules and superficially (cuticle), disciplining and repairing the hair evenly. All the action takes place through the pause time and through the mechanical and thermal process in the procedure. It has high acidity and functional actives such as Green Coffee Glycolic Extract, Protein Complex and Mint Extract that interact with the action of Vaniliplasty, promoting malleability, intense shine and extremely straight hair.

WENNOZ BRASIL HONMA TOKYO Coffee Green Discipline 1L – 33.8 fl. oz

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Product information

WENNOZ BRASIL HONMA TOKYO Coffee Green Discipline 1L – 33.8 fl. oz


Natural proteins and discipline for your hair, restores resistance and flexibility of the wires!
Coffee Green Protein Complex is a hair reconstruction system that in addition to rebuilding, discipline and recover hair from the inside out. It has a formula enriched with Green Coffee, Mint Extract and Protein Complex, carefully selected to perform synergy with the cysteine of the wires and provide resistant and flexible hair. It has the exclusive action of Vaniloplasty, which promotes shine and softness to the hair, in addition to having an anti-aging action, which prevents premature aging of the hair.
1st step
With clean hair, divide them into 4 parts and apply the Disciplinante Coffee Green Vaniloplasty 1 cm away from the root, aligning the strands. Let it act for 50 to 60 minutes.
2nd step
After pausing, rinse well until the product is completely removed.
3rd step
Brush well and flat iron locks
Weight 1,200 kg
Dimensions 15,0 × 40,0 × 30,0 cm



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