The Feminine Essence Through Cosmetics

The level of demand of women in the search and purchase of cosmetics increases, making the market more selective. To meet this requirement, we describe here the care we took to develop the FELPS Bamboo line. After all, with the intention of having a product that takes care of the threads and still feeds the feminine essence, delegating a deeper meaning in the customer’s relationship with the brand.

Personal identity can be understood as the set of beliefs and values that we express throughout life.

It is closely associated with motivations, forms of expression and taste preferences, or, in other words, individual essence. In the world we live in, most people are concerned about wanting to express their personal nature. At the same time seeking, among other things, identification, acceptance, realization and self-knowledge. The expression of the essence takes place in different ways such as personal profiles on social media, styles of dress, hair and tattoos.

BW – PHOTO: Rafaela Lima

The expression of personal characteristics also reaches the choice of everything that a person uses in their daily lives, including cosmetics.

It is very important that people can identify their personal essence in a product. This brings depth to the consumption relationship. Because, previously it was believed that cosmetics purchases were made on impulse only. Today we know that there is greater selectivity on the part of the consumer. Objective aspects such as price, product effects and quality are mixed with subjective aspects, such as intimate foundation and expression of personal values.

Certainly, the energy of beauty, softness and feminine charm must always be present or active in women!

It is possible that there is a more or less evident internal discomfort, an apathy if this feminine aura does not show through. On the other hand, women who perceive that this type of energy is absent seek a solution. At best, changing your look like hair, clothes, or makeup, as well as changing your eating habits.

We understand that it must be complex to help a woman reconnect with her feminine essence, but not impossible!

Associating this reconnection with capillary cosmetics, the Felps Bamboo Extract Bio-Growth line emerges. Bamboo is a flexible tree, it survives the weather more easily than an oak tree that can have its trunk cracked by lightning. Bamboo’s power of flexibility reflects female emotional strength and balance, capable of adapting or “swinging” in the face of life’s unforeseen events.

In addition, Bamboo has nutrients that promote hydration and hair fiber growth. That is, it has nutritional power to give life to the hair, which refers to the woman’s ability to breastfeed.

Therefore, the development of the Felps Bamboo line sought to bring a product that brings immediate and effective results to the hair. But that can also nourish and dialogue with the feminine essence that is part of our clients’ personal identity.

Fonte: FELPS | Matéria: Teodoro Malta Campos | Imagens: Rafaela Lima

Responsável: Robinson Silva | Empresa:  BELAWAYS | Conteúdo: BEAUTY'S BLOG

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