As a Customer of this store, you agree that the merchandise purchased is for gifts or your own personal use and may not be resold.
You agree that we have the right to prohibit access to anyone we, in our discretion suspect of reselling any merchandise purchased here.
These products are sold on an “as is” basis.
We reserve the right to limit quantities on individual items and/or bundles and the total amount purchased. You may purchase no more than 5 units of any one item and/or bundles per transaction per day, unless otherwise noted. The total amount of your purchase may be no more than $1,000 (excluding tax) per day.
For products with a price point higher than $500, quantities are limited to 1 unit per day. This item is excluded from the maximum purchase limit of $1,000 (excluding tax).
The merchandise sold in this store includes: Manufacturer’s Overruns, Seasonal Items, Retailer’s Overstock, Packaging Changes, Specialized Size Products and Discontinued Items.

Unfortunately, we can’t make changes to your order after it’s placed. Therefore, we recommend you carefully check your item details and shipping information before ordering.

We want you to get your items as soon as possible, and so we process orders as soon as we receive them. Unfortunately, that also means we can’t make any changes after your order is placed. This includes canceling your entire order (or part of it), changing the address, changing the shipping method, and adding, replacing, or removing items from your order.

At our store, we pride ourselves on providing fast and reliable shipping options for our customers. That’s why we partner with trusted carriers like FedEx and DHL to ensure that your products arrive quickly and safely. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or sending a gift to a loved one, you can rest assured that your order will be shipped with care and delivered on time.

We accept the following payment methods:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • PayPal

Once you place your order, we’ll place an authorization hold for the order amount. This means its cost will be set aside on your card. However, your card will not actually be billed until your order ships.

When you place your order using a credit card, its cost is set aside on your card. However, your card will not actually be billed until your order ships.

When you place your order using a debit card, the cost will be deducted from your account. However, your bank will only transfer it to us when your order ships.

This can be done for a limited time only. So if your order is delayed for any reason, we may ask the bank to extend its hold until it’s time to ship your items.

If your order is canceled for any reason, we’ll ask your bank to remove the hold and release the money back to your account. This usually takes 7-21 days, but the time may vary based on your bank’s policy. Reach out to your bank for more information.

If you have a coupon or promo code you want to use, type or copy it into the Promo Code box in your shopping bag page, and click “+”. Don’t worry, codes are not case-sensitive. If your promo code doesn’t work, it may be because:

  1. Some of the promotion conditions are not met

  2. The promo code doesn’t apply to the items in your bag

  3. The code expired

At this time we’re not offering gift wrap or shopping bags with deliveries.
You may want to inform the lucky gift recipient, so they know to expect a parcel!

When you have an account with us, you can check out faster, see your past orders, and save frequently used addresses and payment methods. We’ll also let you know first about sales or new arrivals. Creating an account is easy, and you only need a valid email address or mobile phone number.

Don’t worry, it happens! Here are a few things you can do:

Click the Forgot Password link on the login page. This will send you a password reset link via text (SMS) or email.
If you don’t see your link, make sure you have an account with The Cosmetics Company Store and check the spam folder of your email client or SMS app.
To protect your personal information, your account will be locked after several failed login attempts. In that case, wait a few hours and try again.

If you’re still not able to log in to your account after that time, please reach out to us here, and we’ll do our best to help.

It’s not possible to change the login email or phone number, but you’re welcome to create a new account with your new email address.

To delete your The Cosmetics Company Store account, please send your request through this form. One of our customer service experts will reach out within 7 days to confirm your account has been deleted.

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